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Dadscare Funded by the Big Lottery and the Scottish Government.Dadscare is proud to be funded by the Big Lottery Fund.


Dads Care Aberdeen an Official Scottish Charity Supporting Fathers and Children throughout the Northeast of Scotland and Beyond.


Dadscare knows there are very few charities in the UK offering quick support based information for dads with care that’s why we operate a UK national helpline from 9am till 9pm 24/7.

Please call DADSCARE on 0741-4544590 if its non urgent please email us on [email protected]

Welcome to DadsCare

Dads Care (formerly known as Dads Work) is a charity which has been successful in introducing new ground breaking ways of bringing together dads who share common goals and wishes to develop better more successful relationships with their children.

By encouraging dads to be more open and sharing of real life experiences where they are specific in talking about their feelings rather than using generalisations, they learn to be more empathetic with each other, building bonds that help them to recognise areas where they can bring about more effective communications with their children.

STOP PRESS- THIS IS A MUST VIEW VIDEO- Director of the Baltimore City Department of Social Services tells you just about everything you need to know about child welfare and foster care in America.  Scotland’s people its parents and its MSP’s needs to take note of the message and now before its to late 11401 children are in care with very few in contact with their parents right now here in Scotland!



Dads Care is also there to help dads, parents and now single mothers to help their kids develop closer bonds by placing them in an open, fun environment where activities are held which are both enjoyable and educational for both kids and dads (such as cooking, sport and sensory play areas but also planned trips like camping, attending safari parks etc).

Dads Care meets 3 times a week on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for group discussions Sports in a Gym. Activities with kids are arranged as and when planning, funding and opportunities allow.

We take on clients from many social backgrounds and engage with schools and social work core group meetings for the benefit of the dads and their children.

Dadscare team are fully trained mentors and pratice M.I where and if required.

Dadscare are members of the National Fathers Advisory Board and Scottish Co-production management committee part of the SCDC.

We are also facilitators for many other parental groups and sharring a great interest of all things, Scottish Early Years Program and development not to mention having a stakeholding in GIRFEC.

Although Dads Care is an Aberdeen based charity,  we are willing to lend our support, knowledge and experience with anyone who may be interested in setting up a similar group and we are happy to travel to you wherever you are in Scotland to do this.

Dads Care believes in the benefits of continuous self development and will support dads who are keen to build upon their existing skills and knowledge by giving them access to different further educational training courses in order to achieve this.

Our group discussions help to empower dads and encourage them to be realistic about their own parenting abilities by:-
• Engaging with dads
• Enable participants to examine their childhood and relationship with their parents.
• How did their parents parent, specific examples.
• Convincing participants that we value the role of being a dad.
• Challenging them and their parenting in such a way that they do not respond defensively or aggressively.
The Content: This is a flexible programme aimed at taking participants on a journey from visualising their goals through to achieving them.

Informational Film – a coalition of Community Planning Partners, including social services, health, education, police and third sector service providers will be showing a short film that includes Dadscare charity members, the film will be shown here from the 29th of May 2013.
This film was commissioned by the Scottish Government, COSLA and NHS Scotland and shows what can be achieved when men are engaged for the good of their children, families, parents, the criminal justice system, social workers – Everything!

Dads Care offers all communities in Scotland the chance of learning our secret of how to engage dads in your own areas, we can offer a 1 day workshop or 1 day drop in or more depending on your requirements or timescales – perhaps you just need advice or information? We are here to help your dads in need!

Dads Care maybe a new charity but we have been engaging with dads for several years and have a wealth of experience in helping dads overcome any worries they may have about their relationships with their children and other family members, happy children equals happy parents – this is what the charity Dads Care strives to achieve!

Dadscare is looking forward to working with the Scottish Government, COSLA, NHS Scotland and all our other partners old and new helping dads and their children to a brighter and safer future and offering better outcomes for everyone!
Please contact Dadscare Charity in the first instance to – [email protected] or check out our contact us page for our direct phone contacts.

Dadscare was awarded the ACVO Impact Award in 2013 for Dadscare’s significant impact on the community of Aberdeen where we are going from strength to strength and having a direct impact on our service users lives and for their families.

Working Together Awards ACVO Aberdeen to Dads Care.





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