Mentor Training Aberdeen Service within Grampian Opportunities.
Grampian Opportunities is a charitable organisation to support and promote opportunities for people with disabilities and mental health problems.

For more information and informal chat please call Tricia or Katrina, Mentoring Co-ordinators on 01467 629675
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Dadscare Mentor Training, We received our mentor training for the Dadscare Team from Grampain Opertunities.  We are now trained in motivational interviewing M.I. as well. Our group supports father’s especially single fathers to improve their parenting skills. We are looking to use this new mentoring approach while working with other fathers and that is why we had sourced mentor training via Aberdeen City Council which we are most greatful for this kind and beneficial funding. The training was delivered to us very informally and has been well received by all the Dadscare participants and by the trainers themselves. (we learned a lot from each other while on the course).

As we are now Basic Mentors ourselves we have learned a lot from the trainers at GO which will improve our future training delivery where we hope to train our future facilitators and new Dadscare members as we actively encourge continued personal development at all times.
On all our Dadscare courses participants have the opportunity to be matched to a Mentor at GO to support them make the most of their opportunity. Hopefully they will go on to share what the mentor training has delivered all of us to help others?