Dads Letters To Their Children

Dads Letters To Their Children

Dads Letters To Their Children when they reach the age of 15 to share with them memories, observations and thoughts.

This is part of what Dads Care is all about bringing dads together from every walks of life in the Aberdeen area.

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Author of this story, Pedro.

Hiya Layton

Just a wee letter from your dad to try and give you a few pointers and advice:

Don’t make the mistakes I made in my life

Always give 100% in everything you do

Always do it for yourself

Listen to people and Family

I’ll be here for you to advise you and listen to you

Stick in at school and get a good job

Just try and not make the mistakes I made in life, think long and hard about what you want in life. Listen to the Family, they’re not always right but listen to their opinion. I will always be here to advise you and listen to you about anything. I would love for you to get a good job and always give 100% in everything you do and do it for yourself.

I’ve got regrets in my life, taking drugs and messing up my life and I pray you don’t make the same mistakes I did. I know you are your own person, but please think about what you really want in life and go for it. I will always be there for you and support what you do.

Author of this story is Adam,

Dear Jeremiah

Soon you will be 15 so I think that is a good moment to share a few observations before you will be “mature”.

You look for good friends – Yourself, try to be a good friend. Carry on with your education, look for your future job, marriage. Prepare yourself as much as you can for that.

Try to be independent, have your own opinion. Don’t be afraid to learn from others . Share your observations with other people. Keep value as responsibility, good, co-operation truth etc.

When you make mistakes don’t be discouraged, learn from them try not to repeat them.

Learn how to be responsible for your actions, control your emotions. Think twice before you act. Ask for help, help yourself if you can. Be an honest man, keep away from bad company, drugs, alcohol ? etc.

If you listen to that, I hope you can succeed in your life.

Dear Alison

I just want to write you a wee letter because you’re 15 now and your life’s really going to start taking off. I’ve had a think about my life and here is the advice I have for you.

Stick in at school, I know it’s not that interesting and revising can be so boring (or it was for me), but if you don’t stick in you’ll regret it when your finished. This is your opportunity to take the easy route. In your down time, I hope you find a good hobby because this is also another easy route to success.

Always treat others with respect, it doesn’t cost anything, and it keeps trouble away. But if trouble does find you, stick up for yourself (which includes walking away). Always choose your friends wisely, they will have such a great effect on your life and the wrong choice will take you the wrong way.

Please, stay away from drugs for reasons that you’re probably hopefully very aware of by now, and also stay out of trouble and never have to speak to the police.

Above all else, be grateful for everything you get because somewhere there are people far worse off than you could possibly be.

A story by Harry Merchant from Aberdeen.

Hi ya Courtney

As you will be aware it’s Dad on the pen hoping this wee note finds you in the best of health and of course spirits. Well darling if your reading this, I’m not in prison for murder and you lived to see your 15th Birthday.

Dad has always just wanted what is best for you and I know we have not always seen eye to eye, but you need to know I’ve always loved you and wanted nothing but a happy, healthy life for you.

Since the day you were born, I’ve always said that I’d give you the life that I never had, that you would become a Doctor, Police Woman, Social Worker, anything but an unemployed junkie as I once was! But as I write this I realise all I want is for you to be happy and healthy. Yes, I would still like you to make something of your life but not for me, for you.

It’s a horrible, horrible world out there and one that needs you to make choices, I really hope you make the right choices as I’d hate for you to make the same mistakes I did. However, I cant live your life for you, so it’s choices you need to make.

I really hope you are given the chance to finish your education and that you do not submit to peer pressure and such and choose a life of drugs and crime. Or my worse fear for you would be for you to fall pregnant before you had a chance to finish your education. Not because a child is nothing short of amazing as you truly are the best thing ever to happen in my life, but because a child would take over your life, your life would not be your life it would become your childs life. Finish your education and if you then want a child then so be it, but get your education and give yourself that choice.

I truly regret not being there for you in the earlier years of your life. I was either in prison or on drugs and for that I am sorry. I know “sorry” does not make everything ok but I hope it helps.

Well time to go Baby but just want you to know that every breath you have took and every breath you will take makes me proud to be your father.

Love always



The author of this short story is by, Mark G.

Dear Brandon

Dad here, with hopefully a few of my famous words of wisdom.

Now you are 15, your at the most important phase on which route you are going to take. I trust you’ll pick the right one, but I thought it would be time to let you know this choice at 15 for me is one of the biggest regrets I have.

If you want to know more, ask, and I will sit down and tell you everything. The point is, silly dad picked the wrong route by staying with the same friends, slowly stopping playing all the sports and getting in to same thing different day mentality. We all will make mistakes but we can learn from them.

When you make your decisions, do it for yourself not just because others are.

No matter what you do, I’ll always be proud.

The author of this short story, Mark J.

Dear Connor

Education for you would be something I would strongly advise you to continue, to better your chances of a career you would like to do and achieve.

I would hope that your choice of friends as you’ve grown up has been positive because peer pressure can be intense.

My fears are that you make good choices in that you don’t follow my footsteps into taking drugs and being selfish.

After school activities would also be of great benefit for you as would be busy, meeting like minded people and have guidance from the adults running these things and you would be learning something as well as opening doors to you for your future. To be open minded but secure in your own self and not force your opinion on others, as I hope you can resist being forced into doing things you don’t want to and regret.

I will always love you and be there for you for advice and just to listen to your concerns. I am proud of you my son, even more so now than the day I saw you being born.

Love, Hugs & Kisses