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Charities and not for profit

Unincorporated associations and trusts together make up two thirds of all charities registered in Scotland.

Those types of charities are described as unincorporated because they do not have capacity to enter into contracts or hold assets.

It falls to individual members and trustees to do those things on behalf of the charity, at the risk of personal liability.

Charitable companies and SCIOs are examples of incorporated charities and they are proving popular in new charity applications, largely because they afford trustees better protection.

What to do if your constitution doesn’t give you the power to change

Whether to choose a SCIO or a company as the successor body

Applying to the Scottish Charity Regulator for approval

Documenting the transfer

Practical considerations

Whether to choose a SCIO or a company as the successor body.

Scottish Charity Law is very complicated and complex including employment and volunteer services agreements are a must for any OSCR registered charity and charities can count on the Scottish Charity Law Specialists such as Scotlands premier charity law specialists Balfour+Manson as Dadscare does.

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