UK Dads Support Groups.

UK Dads Support Groups, Supporting UK Fathers and Supporting their Children in Care.

Dad’s groups


Probably the coolest dads group in the world, for fathers with pre-school age children—-worth moving to Scotland for!


Runs a national network of over 150 church-based playgroups for dads and kids.


NCT Dads’ Groups

The National Childcare Trust (NCT) is best known for running groups for new mums but it supports new dads too and in recent years a number of NCT dads groups have formed including:


Cardiff and Caerphilly






City Fathers

Offers a forum for working parents balancing office and family life, including a separated dads forum that aims to provide peer support and help members achieve flexibility at work while maintaining their career trajectory.


Dads Care

Dads Care is a charity in Aberdeen that runs sessions that are specifically designed to help dads develop closer bonds with their children.


A dads’ group is South Herefordshire that runs monthly events designed to engage dads and their children together.


Dads and Littl’uns

Runs playgroups for dads in South London and Exeter.


Dads ‘R’ Us

Dads group that runs regular events in North Halifax.


South East London Dads

Established in 2008 by a new dad who feared being cut off from male company and losing his sanity. The group is still going strong in 2015.


Duck CC

Regular family bike ride in South London run by “Willie Peddle”—surely not his real name!

If you have found this page and you know of other similar Fathers Support Groups please send us a link plus logo and brief discription of their activities and we would to add them to this list on the Dads Care, UK DADS SUPPORT GROUPS web pages.

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